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September 20, 2010

I’ve finished my restaurant menu, for now. [pg. 30]

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On 19 July 2010, I decided to give myself a deadline and goal – write a menu.   I took a leaf out of Julie & Julia’s book to end my chronic indecisiveness and spite Hayley the management consultant.

Today is deadline day and I don’t know what to make of my menu. It started off western then Mediterranean, veered off into SE Asian cuisine and ended up at brunch…  I’m not sure if that counts as  a menu!? I’m afraid you’ve been tricked. I haven’t been writing a restaurant menu, you’ve just been following my palate’s every whim.  Have I failed you dear reader?

I envisaged today playing out differently in my head… a Mexican party, guacamole, crepe hats, nachos, mustached men, guitars, salsa the dance, salsa the food, sunshine and smiles. Had I been more organized, the weather more co-operative, the month being Movember, it would have happened.

But tonight, it’s Old El Paso burrito dinner kit. Tomorrow, Prima Taste mee goreng dinner kit. Think I’m really going to have to stick to Plan A if this restaurant is going to happen…

July 19, 2010

Taking a leaf out of Julie & Julia’s book and writing a menu [pg. 22 of the Story]

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H: “I don’t like how you fall head over heels in love with something, and then one week later, you’ve changed your mind. Are you listening to me? Because I look into your eyes and I can’t tell if anything is going in.”

A: “I do have stickability…”

H: “Prove it.”

I would love to say Hayley’s wrong, but my track record of violin lessons, correspondence interior design course, pottery classes and brief fling with contemporary dance tells otherwise. Let me put it this way, it’s like being in a vicious cycle of starting something, getting really, really excited about it and then getting really, really excited about something else, and then something else, and something else…

The goal is to (apart from getting a new job) complete my restaurant menu by 20 September 2010 (6 months from 1st post, 9 weeks from today)… nothing quite as ambitious as Julie and Julia.

You would have noticed the site’s new layout, including a tab for MENU and GALLERY. Over the next 9 weeks you will be able to follow my progress on these 2 tabs.

Figured if I can’t even cook and write a complete menu, opening a restaurant is out of the question.

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