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September 20, 2010

I’ve finished my restaurant menu, for now. [pg. 30]

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On 19 July 2010, I decided to give myself a deadline and goal – write a menu.   I took a leaf out of Julie & Julia’s book to end my chronic indecisiveness and spite Hayley the management consultant.

Today is deadline day and I don’t know what to make of my menu. It started off western then Mediterranean, veered off into SE Asian cuisine and ended up at brunch…  I’m not sure if that counts as  a menu!? I’m afraid you’ve been tricked. I haven’t been writing a restaurant menu, you’ve just been following my palate’s every whim.  Have I failed you dear reader?

I envisaged today playing out differently in my head… a Mexican party, guacamole, crepe hats, nachos, mustached men, guitars, salsa the dance, salsa the food, sunshine and smiles. Had I been more organized, the weather more co-operative, the month being Movember, it would have happened.

But tonight, it’s Old El Paso burrito dinner kit. Tomorrow, Prima Taste mee goreng dinner kit. Think I’m really going to have to stick to Plan A if this restaurant is going to happen…

August 11, 2010

Hitting cook’s/blogger’s wall [pg.26 of the Story]

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This is bad, real bad, Michael Jackson.

I have a love hate relationship with this menu writing project. Unsurprisingly and as predicted by Hayley, before completion I’m looking for out. Lately, questions such as — What am I doing? Why did I start this? What does it matter if I stop? — have crossed and re-crossed my mind.

Spend 30 minutes on the food blog network and you’ll meet some immensely dedicated people. A food enthusiasts just wanting to share the love. A professional food photographer whose work features on Marie Claire. A housewife turned food blog star, now writing cookbooks.

And me? What am I doing? Oh, opening a restaurant, that’s right…

Through all this I’m probably learning a life lesson about something trivial, like, I dunno, perseverance? But right now, feel like I’m aiming for the unreachables… Although, to quote  unquote a cliché, even if you miss the moon, you’ll land among the stars… Nice in theory!?

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August 6, 2010

Bacon wrapped chicken w. honey mustard glaze on salad of nectarine & romaine lettuce (b/c good things come in small packages)

I’ve always wanted to attempt making cordon bleu. Sometimes, KFC just doesn’t cut it. Agree? Not a huge fan of bacon myself but something tells me flavour-wise, you can’t go wrong with a parcel of cheese, chicken and smokey bacon. I did my research and decided to try Gordon Ramsay’s method.

GR poaches chicken parcel in water first. Dilemma: you can’t boil cheese? My mind reeled. No wonder GR called his ‘stuffed chicken’ and not cordon bleu… So I had to omit the cheese. Probably should have oven-ed it? Wonder if the chicken will still be as tender? By all means you should try making GR’s stuffing… I was just lazy and hungry.

GR served his ‘stuffed chicken’ on a bed of risotto but I wasn’t in the mood for risotto. So, I super-healtherised the dish and improvised with the rest. You can too… anyways, here is how I cooked dinner tonight:


  1. Season chicken thighs with pepper. Lay about 3 bacon rashers on a board, overlapping them slightly. Put chicken on top and roll up!
  2. Wrap chicken parcel in foil. Poach the chicken parcels in a large pan of boiling water for 25-30 minutes, until the chicken is cooked. Allow to cool in the foil, then refrigerate for 30 minutes (this helps the bacon to ‘set’ around the chicken).
  3. Remove the foil and pat dry to remove any excess moisture.
  4. Heat the olive oil in a large frying pan and carefully sauté the chicken parcels until the bacon is brown and crisp on all sides. Glaze with a bit of honey.


  1. Slice nectarine and wash romaine lettuce.
  2. Dressing: whole grain mustard + honey + dash of lemon juice + olive oil.

I didn’t end up with what I set out to cook but am pretty chuffed with my improvisation skills… Full respect to those in ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ and ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’!