Chapter 4: Breaking into new shoes

Stop that ‘war’-ing on my soul [pg. 19 of The Story]

Yay’ness vs. Euphoria [pg. 20 of The Story]

Let’s go where the grass is greener [pg. 21 of The Story]

Taking a leaf out of Julie & Julia’s book and writing a menu [pg. 22 of the Story]

Facing the music [pg. 23 of the Story]

Sticking with what you know [pg. 24 of the Story]

The longest 15 minute lull [pg. 25 of the Story]

Hitting cook’s/blogger’s wall [pg.26 of the Story]

Bang, fizzle and pop! [pg. 27 of the Story]

Why didn’t I do this earlier? [pg. 28]


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