Here we go…

N.B. I am writing this unfurling creature of a story page by page, so please bear with me as I chapter-ise as I go.


One unproductive afternoon left me feeling restless.

I thought: ok, I know my address, my phone number, how to cook al dente pasta, how to book an air ticket out of this country… Beyond that, there is so much the ‘room two inches from the eyes’ (to borrow from Janet Frame) doesn’t know. Like, what do I want to do with my life?

Life is full of stuff. There is the usual stuff like the joys, complexities, gripes, randomness of people, food and places. And the unusual stuff like epiphanies, opportunities, moments in life when we take that leap without thinking (too much) about gravity.

I’ve been brewing a desire to clarify about stuff for a while. And on that unproductive-restlessness-inducing afternoon, two cups of tea later, one disastrously misprinted signage (more on that later), Carlton Grove transpired.

Chapter 1: Clarified butter

To get pure liquid golden-yellow butterfat you need to separate the whey from the butter. This is a process called clarifying…

page 1: Abby is going to open a restaurant one day

page 2: We’ll tell you why the heck not

page 3: Celebrating childhood dreams

page 4: What’s the plan, Stan

page 5: The Sign

Chapter 2: Synonymous with love

page 6: Love is more than just a game for 2

page 7: Mr Right and Mr Awesome

page 8: Pause, take stock and remember

Chapter 3: Aight let’s get to work!

Admittedly, I’ve been severely distracted by other people’s lives to be seriously planning mine and working out what my restaurant is going to be like.

Time to quit dreaming and put some muscle into it!

page 9: What would Confucius know?

Chapter 4: Distractions or just the humdrum of life

page 10: Girls so do not think too much

page 11: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

page 12: I try and I try and I try… I can’t get no job satisfaction

page 13: You are what you eat. No, really!

page 14: Abby’s Match-Make-Me matchmaking services is open for business!

page 15: I’m home baby!

page 16: Plan A

page 17: Reality bites

page 18: The first step

Chapter 5: Breaking into new shoes

Stop that ‘war’-ing on my soul [pg. 19 of The Story]

Yay’ness vs. Euphoria [pg. 20 of The Story]

Let’s go where the grass is greener [pg. 21 of The Story]

Chapter 6: The Menu Writing Project

Taking a leaf out of Julie & Julia’s book and writing a menu [pg. 22 of the Story]

Facing the music [pg. 23 of the Story]

Sticking with what you know [pg. 24 of the Story]

The longest 15 minute lull [pg. 25 of the Story]

Hitting cook’s/blogger’s wall [pg.26 of the Story]

Bang, fizzle and pop! [pg. 27 of the Story]

Why didn’t I do this earlier? [pg. 28]

We are a bunch of settlers [pg. 29]

I’ve finished my restaurant menu, for now. [pg. 30]

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