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October 13, 2010

Hello friend, you’ve reached Abby’s voicemail [pg. 31]

6 months ago, the Brain, on its own accord, decided to test out the idea of opening a restaurant. The Heart followed suit.  Both naively thought a restaurant would materialize. Naturally.

I haven’t got my restaurant yet — I know it’s not a satisfactory outcome nor what you (and I) expected — but life has its twists and turns, you know? And I’m just going with the flow. For now, I’ve consigned my restaurant to fate.

And I’ve decided to take a break from blogging… SURPRISE!

While I’m gone from this little piece of cyberspace, I’d like to wish you a hearty appetite for life, good times and loved ones who will always be honest with you!

Thank you for dropping by and commenting =)

I’ll be back!


And one more song…