Mini pancakes w. blueberries inside!

Erm it feels like a long time since I’ve blogged… things have been a little, busy. Was feeling kinda apprehensive so I got up early this morning to make a tower of mini pancakes. Then wolfed them down one after the other. Put things into perspective it did. No such thing as an insurmountable task!

Served with maple syrup and yoghurt:

Recipe from Masterchef adapted for 1 person with some leftover for later:

2/3 cups self-raising flour
1 T sugar
1 egg, lightly beaten
2/3 cup milk
15g butter, melted
2 T greek yoghurt

handful of blueberries

1. Mix dry and wet ingredients together. Mix in melted butter, yoghurt, mix until smooth. Add in the blueberries.
2. Dollop batter into a heated non stick pan. When bubbles form, flip. Repeat.

Enjoy =)


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