Foldover Pancakes

Left the house at 8am this fine Saturday morning, drove all the way out (and discovered John Mayer Trio’s version of ‘I Got a Woman’, Micah left his CD in the player) just to get butter… to make pancakes, because you can’t make good pancakes without butter.


2 cups self-raising flour
2 T sugar
3 eggs, lightly beaten
2 cups milk
50g butter, melted
2 T greek yoghurt

1. Mix everything together. Melted butter, second to last, mix until smooth. Add in the yoghurt.
2. Pour ¼ cup batter into a heated non stick pan. When bubbles form, flip. Repeat.
3. Serve pancakes folded over with fruit (kiwifruit, canned peach…) in the centre. (I do this because I can’t make perfectly round pancakes…).
4. Eat pancakes and watch episodes of ‘How I Met Your Mother’. Finally up to season 4 after Micah downloaded them using up our month’s broadband supply…

Recipe adapted from Masterchef. Original recipe had 1/4 cup less milk but I wanted to thin out the batter a little and I also sweetened it up. I used Greek yoghurt because that’s what I had in the fridge although Ricotta is perfectly good. Otherwise it you like thicker and real fluffy pancakes go for the 1 3/4 cups milk.

The weekend is just getting started guys!


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