Getting experimental – Seared tuna w. mango & roast cashew pesto

Just mixing it up a little… Actually, my basil plant was dying, I picked up a mango on special and saw the roasted cashews at the checkout counter.

Micah was a little baffled with my plating. TBH, so was I!

Seared tuna w. mango & roast cashew pesto

  1. Blitz handful of basil, clove of garlic, cashews, pinch of salt in blender. Pour in olive oil slowly.
  2. Remove excess water from tuna. Brush with olive oil. Season with salt and pepper. Cook 2 min on ea side or to your liking and depending on thickness of your tuna.
  3. Place random bits of mango on plate, spoonful of pesto and plonk the tuna on top. 

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