Facing the music [pg. 23 of the Story]

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As children we’re told to say please and thank you. And as we grow up not only do we develop an expectation of this gesture of appreciation but sometimes take offense if it is missing…

Truth be told, if you’ve spent (quite some) time putting a meal together, even if you don’t say it or expect it, the first thing you’d think you’d get is some show of appreciation, the last thing you’d want is harsh criticism.

The reality is, a customer pays for their meal and rightfully has certain expectations. And if certain expectations are not met, the customer will make a complaint and tell, on average, 16 other friends or acquaintances about said bad dining experience. The restaurant will lose business and close down.  End of story.

Since embarking on this menu writing project Hayley has morphed into Simon Cowell and Micah, well, Paula Abdul (minus the bizarre behaviour)?

I have weekly targets to hit – a dessert, a feature dish and a tapa/small dish over a 9 week project schedule to get a potential 27 items. Potential. This week only the shellfish pasta pot was passable, it’s too easy to get wrong.

This week, I learnt to take criticism well-ish… and not to serve slightly undercooked potatoes.

This menu writing thing is harder than expected!

Until next week…

I promise this, promise this
Check this hand cause I’m marvelous

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