Let’s go where the grass is greener [pg. 21 of The Story]

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After a wants assessment of my taste buds, I decided on the steak. Hayley ordered the crayfish. (The nature of Hayley’s job is such that she is based on client’s site during the week, and flies back home for the weekend. These days she’s been placed in the rural parts of the country which means that, when she comes back… she’s up for a good feed.)

My medium rare steak arrived. I was happy. Then, Hayley’s crayfish arrived and envy reared its ugly head… I. Want. Some. Of. That.
I suffer from plate envy. Real bad. I seem to always want what I can’t get… and the grass on the other side always seem greener.

Someone please tell me, how else are you supposed to know whether the grass on the other side really is/isn’t greener unless you see so for yourself?
Or am I just sitting on the dock of the bay… wasting time?

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