Stop that ‘war’-ing on my soul [pg. 19 of The Story]

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A new journey deserves a new pair of shoes.

Strutting the 6 by 8 m expanse of the shoe store and pausing only to nod at my reflection,  “I’ll take them!” I said to the sales assistant excitedly. The red ballet flats felt comfortable enough. However, the next day they started to chafe my foot in all sorts of awkward spots.

It appears to me, that good ideas in life (seemingly so at the time) do end up becoming trials. “It’s an ongoing battle”, “a daily struggle”, “you’re fighting a losing battle”. What is this war? Egos clashing, not getting what we want, our pride vs doing the right thing, a withheld apology…

Eventually, things do get easier… just like a well worn pair of shoes and whatever discomfort forgotten.

At the end of the day, war, what is it good for?

Absolutely nothing.

Here’s to Jackie Chan (Rush Hour), world peace, new shoes and untrodden paths.

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