The first step [pg. 18 of The Story]

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There is an Italian restaurant renown for its hot Italian waiters, then the pizza, and then the pasta. Being the sceptic that I am, I allowed Hayley to make a reservation. Tucked behind the crowd of 2 seater tables, the projector screen on the left playing highlights of the New Zealand vs Italy game, and a delicious view of the open kitchen before us — we had the best seat in the house! To be honest, the Italian waiters came a close second to the pizzas… they were delectably scrummy. When we were paying the bill,

“A kiss,” said certain hot Italian waiter craning his neck to the right and pushing his left cheek into my startled face.


“It’s customary,” he said. And waited patiently.

Lately, I’ve been thinking, too much. Too much about plans, shouldve’s, maybe’s, this and that’s… So much that I end up hesitating and not doing anything at all.

I’m fed up trying to figure out what will happen after whatever will happen, the consequences, the outcome, the next best alternative forgone…

I’ve been talking to people who are in/related to the human rights field. The general gist and advice I’m getting is: sure, if it’s your calling. There is nothing more frustrating than not using your talents. Doing good doesn’t have to start with human rights per se. The opportunity to do good is in front of you… you will realise it when you do it. Get into the fabric of society, enrich yourself with experience.

With the job market being as it is, looks like I’ve just got to jump at whatever opportunity comes. The next thing that comes along, I’ll take it. Will keep you posted…

If you are still reading and wondering whether I kissed him. I did. I kissed an Italian guy. I kissed an Italian guy!

Move ahead with what you know you should do, trust that a solution will come (not necessarily hot Italian waiters) begins the journey!

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One Comment to “The first step [pg. 18 of The Story]”

  1. I like what you said: “Move ahead with what you know you should do, trust that a solution will come (not necessarily hot Italian waiters) …so begins the journey!”

    thanks for this!

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