Reality bites [pg. 17 of The Story]

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“You think you can help people? Don’t be so stupid! You cannot help people if no money. No money, no talk.” He pauses, takes a sip of tea and continues ‘wisely’, “at a certain age you should be doing certain things…”

I love how subtle Uncle Tea [Hayley and Micah’s dad] is sometimes, but seriously, the last thing on my mind is the thought of pushing out babies… Uncle Tea is also unashamedly expressive about the realities of life (to his credit he is a successful Hong Kong businessman and should know a thing or two). Every time he sees me, he makes a point to remind me of my naivety, or stupidity rather in his books. It’s not the least bit true, don’t know why I put up with it really…

Anyways, I got an internship placement (!) working at a Hong Kong NGO but… there is no pay. This rather delicate piece of news was shared over dinner last night at Hayley and Micah’s family home.

The conversation was turning into tofu, leaving me wondering why I even bothered applying in the first place. Then, a light, a glimmer of hope, a deal was struck: “If you get a job, make money, I let you live in my HK apartment,” proposed Uncle Tea.

I say, he’s pretty fly for a China man!

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