Plan A [pg. 16 of The Story]

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By the time you hit your mid twenties, you probably would’ve done all the crazy things you wanted to do. Consumed way too much caffeine than the recommended intake, dyed your hair selective shades of the rainbow perhaps, stolen a road sign even, damaged your lungs and/or liver…

On the other hand, people in their late twenties all seem to be going nowhere but work, marriage, responsibilities, settling down and pretty much doing nothing fun, nothing crazy.

The last drastic thing left to do is probably uprooting suddenly and living it up, anywhere foreign. This can occur in various forms at various stages in our lives: an OE, a midlife crisis, recently divorced and soul searching, or a dying wish to travel. So, I’ve decided to take a chance on myself before I’m too late and getting desperate for the latter option.

“You want to leave us? What about your restaurant?” Micah quizzed me, looking almost hurt.

“I am and I will… but truly there is way more to opening a restaurant than simply saying I am going to open one. I can’t possibly take care of everything… planning, cooking, designing, maitre d-ing… It comes down to money which I have none.”

“See, what did I tell you! You never listen to me,” said Hayley unhelpfully.

“No one said you had to do it on your own…” Micah said helpfully.

“It’s ok, I’m marrying a chef.”

“You WHAT?” spat Hayley.

“Yes, that is my plan A – marry a chef. Don’t worry m’dears, I am still working on my restaurant concept and business plan. I just need some inspiration. I also want to do some good in this world, explore Human Rights work, travel- France, New York, Rome… the possibilities are endless!”

Sophie, who had been quiet all this time said, “I’m not so sure about the marrying a chef bit but…the rest sounds more like you!” It was all the encouragement and support I needed.

Gotta have a fab Plan A!


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