I’m home baby! [pg. 15 of The Story]

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We all love to go away on holidays from time to time. There is, however, something oddly reassuring about coming home and seeing things exactly as you left it.

For me, it’s seeing (and ignoring) the drink bottle that’s been sitting beside our driveway since summer, the pile of unfolded laundry yet to be attended to, unwashed mugs in the sink, the state of my bedroom – a frozen crime scene from my last minute packing dash – when I take all of this in, all is well with my soul. I’m home baby!

We all need to be able to return to something, someone, some place. Whether it is to argue with the same annoying people, seeing the same checkout counter lady when we do the groceries, ordering the same breakfast at our usual cafe or drinking the same great tasting coffee (and I don’t mean Starbucks). It is this ‘sameness’ that allows reliance, gives a sense of stability, place of routine, shelter.

When something changes in my little world of sameness…

“It just won’t feel the same anymore!” I whined. One of our good friends moved out of the neighbourhood. On top of that I was suffering from a bad bout of AHD (After Holiday Depression).

“It’s not so bad. Check this!” said Micah, passing me his mobile. He had taken a photo of the old 2 storey villa our friends were renting. In front of the house was a for lease sign which read “Corner site with excellent exposure… Put your café, restaurant or office name on the building.”

Could this be the location of my restaurant? But where am I going to get the money for rent??

On a more serious note, I know I have a lot to be thankful for. I’ve just finished reading ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ by Khaled Hosseini. It’s a story about female suffering and endurance under the Taliban… Just your type of book, you say?

The author worked for UNHCR, the UN refugee agency which aims to protect the basic human rights of refugees, provide emergency relief, and to help refugees restart their lives in a safe environment.

Imagine where you live, the place you call home, no longer safe, and you had to flee… hard to imagine huh? Well, I’m thanking my lucky stars that I have a home to clean, laundry to do and dishes to wash!

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