Today, take an aimless stroll through the city.






Graphic Design School
A Foundation Course for Graphic Designers Working in Print, Moving Image and Digital Media by David Dabner and Sheena Calvert

I made a mental note to attend a graphics designing course… saw this in Taipei’s Eslite bookstore so it’ll have to do for now!

Takeaways from Module 2: Linear reasoning/lateral thinking

“The process of brainstorming…aims to push achievable boundaries.

Another way to think of it is in terms of walking through a city. You may set out knowing exactly where you are going, focused on the end goal: reaching your destination.

ALTERNATIVELY, you could take a stroll without predetermined destination in mind.

Each will provide very different experiences; in the non-predetermined form, you may notice things along the way that are not obvious if your sights are set only on the destination.”

One such aimless stroll in Rome, Italy.


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