Abby’s Match-Make-Me matchmaking services is open for business! [pg. 14 of The Story]

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The days were a flurry of taxi rides, shopping, countless “oh my gosh, that’s gorgeous” remarks, foot massages, and all the time eating. The trip culminated in one beautiful wedding reception, and a huddle of singles scanning the room for their own Mr Right’s, or heaven forbid Mr Awesome’s. I thought it perfect timing to announce: “Abby’s Match-Make-Me matchmaking services.”

“OK, so how does this work?” asked Hayley playing along.

“Let me introduce you to candidate number one.”

“Hang on…is this hypothetical?”

“Oh, he is very real. He’s 30, smart, nice guy, worth millions, lives in Melbourne, ready for marriage and wants children. What more can you ask?”

Hayley gave me an incredulous stare. “Love?”

“Look dearest, when you’re thinking ‘love’ your brain is associating it with silver screen passionate kissing, quite possibly in the rain. No,” I said shaking my head, “that’s not your scene.” At this, Hayley raised her eyebrows but thought better to keep her mouth shut.

“Love,” I declared dramatically, “is seen in the concerned frown of a nagging wife, heard in the bickering of newlyweds, felt in the supportive grasp of an elderly couple.” I paused for effect before going for the kill. “Love may not exist at the outset but it persists, and over time… it blossoms. Do you or do you not want to hear those 3 words whispered in your ear?” Biting back the urge to laugh hysterically I waited with bated breath.

“You should consider marketing as a vocation” said Hayley wryly.

“I’m serious!” I said earnestly. “His mother is just sitting a few tables away showing him off from her photo album like he’s some Prince Charming. Makes me wanna hurl…”

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