You are what you eat. No, really! [pg. 13 of The Story]

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Hong Kong is humid in June. By the time we reached Hayley’s family flat I was sporting Monica-in-the-Bahamas hair.

Hayley, my personal tour guide mercilessly led me round HK eating everything on her must-eat list: roast duck, claypot rice, wonton, various soup noodles, and yum char/dim sum. Yum char for two really isn’t the most ideal… Nevertheless, it was on Hayley’s must-eat list, so, we must duly eat it – shrimp dumpling x2 ea, siu mai x2 ea, char siu pork bun x1.5 ea, sticky chicken rice x1 ea, egg tart x1.5 ea…

I mean, it was good but not that good. As I watched Hayley devour yet another shrimp dumpling, it dawned on me – the mysteryof yumminess.

You see, food is only as good as what you like/grew up with/familiar with.  Take for example, the Japanese, they adore raw fish, I like mine cooked. Similarly, comfort food is nostalgic and varies from person to person based on what you ate as a child. Nothing does me better than chicken corn chowder!

Still with me?

What you like to eat forms part of your identity. You are what you eat. Maybe this is a lil far-fetched… but I reckon you can pretty much sum up a person just by what they eat e.g. I like potato salad… and on the odd occasion, lobster bisque.

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Lobster Bisque from Caffe Habitu, Hong Kong


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