I try and I try and I try… I can’t get no job satisfaction [pg. 12 of The Story]

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I am going through one of those ‘I can’t get no job satisfaction and I want to quit’ phases. Luckily for me, Sophie is absolutely the world’s greatest listener and frequent victim of my emotional unload.

“You sound like when you were back in law school, threatening to drop out every semester” said Sophie.
“Well, yeh I didn’t see myself as a lawyer and…”
“it was boring” Sophie finished my sentence. “Your current job, minding other people’s paperwork is so much better?”
“No, not really…”
“See! Tell me, what is your biggest fear?”
“Hmm… going hungry.”
“Ok, failure.”
“That’s the only thing stopping you from making the right decision! Just be open minded.”

So, I started chewing the cud on what would motivate me in my work. To the best of my knowledge of myself, I think it is helping and feeding people… I’m a pretty simple girl. Then, I listed things I could imagine myself doing and getting a lot of heart satisfaction.

The list:

  • being an Au pair in France
  • working at a soup kitchen
  • going to chef school
  • making handmade cards
  • being Santa’s little helper in the North Pole

And lastly, ‘working in Human Rights’.

In the spirit of ‘being open minded’, I investigated this absurd, yet at the same time intriguing idea. Somehow, I ended up applying for internships in Hong Kong and New York… It’s silly, I know.

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