Understanding Food Coma

Food coma is a very real thing and impacts/interrupts/halts the daily lives of millions.

Come post lunch feed you can guarantee my eyes will be glazed, mind unresponsive, all instincts channeled to taking a fat nap.

For those of you who feel the same way I do, you will benefit much from ehow.com’s tips on avoiding food coma:

  1. Eat all 3 meals on time! When you skip/delay meals, your body is more apt to channel all those nutrient starved blood cells straight to your abdomen ON THE DOUBLE which means oxygen deprivation (food coma) for your brain.
  2. Don’t over eat, avoid the feeling of fullness. The more stuffed you become, the more life giving blood must be channeled to your intestines to absorb it.
  3. Avoid excess Carbohydrates. The resulting sugar spike in your body will cause you to feel extremely fatigued and lethargic.
  4. Already Comatose? Take deep breaths, get up and walk around if possible, bend over forwards (put your head below your heart level) to irrigate your brain with oxygen every few minutes, drink a caffeinated beverage (NO Carbs or sugar!)

There isn’t a Post-Prandial Somnolence Awareness Week… but don’t you agree there should be one?


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