Beauty is in the eye of the beholder [pg. 11 of The Story]

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Hayley was surveying the restaurant menu in her hand and making orders over the phone. “So when we arrive at the restaurant we don’t have to wait for the food.” Let’s just say I’ve quietly grown accustomed to her ridiculously efficient ways. Efficient tips aside, in 2 weeks Hayley and I will be going to Taiwan to attend a mutual friend’s wedding after our stop over in Hong Kong. In the course of renewing our passports, the following episode took place…

“You can drop off your passports at the city centre. You don’t need to post it down to the capital. Saves you time and handling fee” said Hayley.
“Who told you that? The form doesn’t mention that anywhere.”
“I got my photo taken at that camera place in the city asian arcade during lunchtime today, and that’s what the camera man told me.”
“Oh wow! We must have missed each other by 15 minutes or something.”
“Yeah, well, how unfortunate. Anyways, the guy was really talkative and helpful, and that’s what he told me.”
“Reeeally? What was the camera man wearing?
“What does it matter what the camera man was wearing?”
Hayley was clearly irritated but I pressed on, “Was he wearing glasses? And a cap?”
“Yes to glasses and a cap” Hayley said exasperated.
“Well, he wasn’t talkative nor helpful when I was getting my photo taken…”

Sophie, being the girl she is, was quick to jump to conclusions: “Ohhh, the camera dude was totally hitting on Hayley!”

Sigh. Hayley always gets the attention.

There’s no denying that every girl wants to look and feel beautiful. Even my 9 year old self felt it when grandma said: Abby darling, you’re not pretty… but you’re a sweet girl. Eventually, I got over it, forgave grandma, moved on, found consolation in ice cream. Plus, what does one subjective opinion matter anyways? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… right?

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