Girls so do not think too much [pg. 10 of The Story]

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mini Sophie, future Sophie, mini Micah

“Madam, the plate is hot. Please don’t touch it” said the waiter in his best Italian accent.
“Ooo, the plate is hot!” I exclaimed in a tone of disbelief.
“What part of ‘please don’t touch it’ do you not understand?” said Hayley looking at the idiot sitting next to her.

We were dining at a restaurant where only posh people could afford to stroll in with that air of nonchalance. Dear Micah thought my meeting with Mr Carter was worthy of celebration, or so that’s what he said. It was common understanding that we all had the fine dining itch.

“What did you do to your hair?” Micah asked Sophie.
“I didn’t brush it?”
“You should brush it less often. It looks good.”
“So, what did this Mr Carter say?” Sophie said turning her attention to me.

Hold up! Hold up! Did Micah just hit on Sophie? Or was that just an innocent compliment? Do girls think too much? Or do girls actually possess a sixth sense? Does this have something to do with girls having higher EQ? Aww…they would make the cutest couple, and their kids will be smart and adorable, and then they will grow old together… Abby! Chill.

Hoping my face wouldn’t betray my emotions I said offhandedly “Umm… he said I need to come up with a restaurant concept and business plan.”

“Simple… and vague” Micah mused.

Yes, indeed. Very.

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