A restaurant with a rooftop on top!

I’m not sure what it is about roof tops, but they are magical indeed. There is something about the air up there, the sense of space, the elevation…

On my search for rooftop eateries… the Diane von Furstenberg Studio in New York’s Meatpacking District caught my eye. Although not a restaurant it is a mighty fine rooftop! And huge party potential!

Work Architecture Company

Images by Elizabeth Felicella Photography

The building is unified through a singular iconic gesture: a stairway that collects and distributes light from the roof through to the deepest interior parts of the building. A heliostat mirror will track the sun throughout the day and focus light on the crystals, spreading natural light across the ceiling of each floor.

The publicly accessible floors are all designed to transform for special events, parties, and performances. Pivoting walls allow the store to open up to the lobby in an extension of the public space. The lobby itself contains a wide ceremonial stair, a reflecting pool and other opportunities for connection, people-watching and interaction.

More rooftop parties, restaurants and whatnot’s to come…


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