Pause, take stock and remember [pg. 8 of The Story]

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Today was Sophie’s mum’s anniversary. In Sophie’s words, “mum caught the 9:30pm train to heaven that day”.

I’ve never known what I should say, but as friends do, you learn to listen with your heart and just stay with them like nothing else mattered.

Over a cup of masala chai we chatted about the past year and her flower shop. “What moved you to quit your job and open your own flower shop anyways?” I asked Sophie.

After a breath’s hesitation she said, “you know what Abby? My most precious moments were caring for mum when she was unwell… I saw beauty, faith, someone who lived in the moment… I learnt that life isn’t meant for regrets – regretting not spending more time with someone I love, regretting not saying sweet things, regretting not forgiving, regretting not letting loose and laughing. So over the years I’ve been making a list of things I want to do before I die” – OK, sounds a bit morbid but I guess we all do – “…opening a flower shop just happened to be one of them,” she finished with a smile.

Think I might start a list too. Carpe Diem everybody.

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