My epic failure on MasterChef of sorts

Last night I dreamt that I was a contestant on one of those TV cooking competitions.

In 30 min I had to make a pastry base, top with semifreddo ice cream and finish with berry compote. All I can remember was telling Ainsley (of Ready, Steady, Cook) I couldn’t finish in time and profusely apologizing to the chef judge (who looked a lot like Simon Gault) for my poor performance and begged for a second chance.

Gosh. I haven’t even started my restaurant and this thing is already taking over my life.

I concocted this dessert in my dream right, so I was naturally curious whether such a dessert existed… googled “semifreddo pastry compote” and discovered Pistachio Semifreddo from Pastry Studio.


2 Comments to “My epic failure on MasterChef of sorts”

  1. When is this available on your menu? Give me a date and I’ll travel back for it.

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