Mr Right & Mr Awesome [pg. 7 of The Story]

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It’s so nice to receive flowers, especially, delivered to your doorstep when you least expect it. In Hayley’s case, she didn’t so much as glance at them before unpacking her laptop to settle down into overtime.

“Soooo who’s the guy?”

“A secret admirer apparently” replied Hayley dismissively and tossing me the card.

Micah too looked like he had seen this scene one too many times.

“Micah” I said loudly, “is there something you know that I don’t know but you’re going to tell me this instant because I should know?!”

Hayley sighed. “A guy should really have the guts to tell a girl if he likes her – ‘secret admirer’ is just lame. But, if you’re dying to know, there was this guy, met him on one of the projects… great guy, great physique, great uniform but wrong time and place, plus…”

“Plus what?”

“The flowers look cheap” Micah observes.

Ahh… so the truth comes out. This got me ruminating.

Intelligent and capable women (as seen in The Ugly Truth, The Proposal) are so darn hard to please these days. They think Mr Right will be attentive, considerate, have a GSOH, give the right flowers (from the right florist), an achiever, enjoy the occasional stroll down to the mall. But no, those traits belong to Mr Awesome. Not all Mr Right’s are Mr Awesome’s, they are not the same person. Ladies, you will never find Mr Right if you’re looking for Mr Awesome…

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One Comment to “Mr Right & Mr Awesome [pg. 7 of The Story]”

  1. lollllll…it cant be more right that “Not all Mr Right’s are Mr Awesome’s……”!~~~~~but still expecting flowers (even if its cheap)from my MR RIGHT!

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