Love is more than just a game for 2 [pg. 6 of The Story]

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Hayley, Micah and I haven’t been flatting together for very long. In fact, we only just moved in as I was writing the first post. As you can imagine, it’s been a little crazy. So crazy that we haven’t even had time to notice our flat was missing a TV. Both Micah and Hayley have been working long hours on intense projects. I don’t really watch TV so I wasn’t bothered about paying for one (to my credit I had already invested in a new soup ladle, 9 piece tupperware set, potato peeler, and 2 x chrome shelving for the pantry).

It just so happened that we were all home early today. After dinner we found ourselves sitting on the couch staring questionably at the blank wall in front of us. “Doot doot” sounded my Nokia. 1 message received, Sophie – “board games any1? =P”

Encircled by cheese, crackers and chardonnay (and Maltesers just for me) the four of us commenced our first round of Taboo.

“Ok, er I go boom boom when I see this person! You know, boom boom” said Sophie rather desperately. Hayley and I gave each other the ‘how ridiculous’ look, but before we could give each other the I-think-we-are-going-to-win look…

“Heart throb” said Micah knowingly.

Who the heck gets that… apart from couples? Don’t they play taboo on some couples TV show or something – to see if the couples are on the same wave length or posses insane communication skills/telepathy? Is that true?

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