The Sign [pg. 5 of The Story]

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I believe there’s a reason behind stuff that happens. I don’t always know what that reason is (like why our ‘toilet trained’ dog crapped on the floor this morning). Nevertheless, there is always a reason.

Reversing this logic (according to my dodgy philosophy) it follows that if I was given a sign/signal/cue to open a restaurant, I would have the benefit of knowing that it was something that was meant to be instead of me being merely spontaneous. Not that there is anything wrong with being spontaneous, I’ve just always been someone to appreciate some level of certainty!

So, I guess I was looking and waiting for a sign, any sign. And then it came, quite literally. I had ordered in new signage for our firm. However, the sign that arrived in my hot little hands read ‘Carlton Grove Architects’ instead of ‘Carlson Grove Architects’. Scheisse! – this was my sign.

And that, is how my restaurant-to-be came to be named Carlton Grove.

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