Celebrating childhood dreams [pg. 3 of The Story]

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Looking back, there are evenings that even over the years make you… haphazardly smile.

Sophie was having an I-quit-my-job party. Her LinkedIn tagline now proudly reads “accountant at PWC, has been appointed chief florist at Sophie Reddy Flowers”. It’s no surprise she finally did it. In primary she would tell me how many flowers she pressed in the weekend and how well they turned out, in high school she’d stop in her tracks to take photos of floral arrangements she liked, and in uni she’d tamper with making bouquets. And now, she’s a florist.

Maybe, the things we enjoyed doing as a child are the biggest clue as to what we really want to do when we grow up. There are no expectations from parents, no pragmatism, no need for relevance to our degrees, just our simple, natural inclinations…

“Abby is going to open a restaurant”, Micah said through a mouthful of quiche.

“WOW so like your own restaurant? That is so you! I reckon go for it!” With a rewnewed zest for life Soph was enthused by everything and anything, it’s like she’s smelling roses for the first time every day…

Micah continued meaningfully, “Look, if you really want to do this, we’re behind you 100%. I’ll be your pro bono legal counsel, the management consultant will exchange her services for cake”, to which Hayley flicked me the it-better-be-good-cake-too look, “Soph is, well, was an accountant”, Soph nodded excitedly in agreement, “and you can cook.”

“I’m not even that good…” I replied, all focus on whisking the garlic aioli.

“I’ve eaten half a quiche tonight and I don’t even eat quiche! You see, there are people who make mmm-tasting food but you can make MMM-tasting food! We just need someone to do all the design stuff…” his voice trailed off.

There we were, sitting around the kitchen island eating quiche – it was the best feeling in my tummy and the best feeling in the world.

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