We’ll tell you why the heck not [pg. 2 of The Story]

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One decidedly auspicious afternoon I made my announcement. Standing in the middle of the living room and making myself heard above the sounds of Joss Stone crooning: “How beautiful it could be. Yeh yeh yeh yeh…” I declared, ”Guys, I’m going to open a restaurant.”

I flat with Hayley and Micah. Hayley is the total, if not perhaps, brutally efficient management consultant, and friend, when she isn’t working or sleeping. Micah was part of the flatmate package being Hayley’s little brother. Extremely likable, sweet, cute and smart (he’s a lawyer) – it’s a mystery why he is still single in this day and age.

After recovering from choking on his spaghetti Micah spat “You can’t be serious? You make a mean spaghetti bolognaise but… opening a restaurant?”

Without looking up from her magazine Hayley said matter-of-factly, “Sweetie, are you going to make any money?”

So, the average level of enthusiasm: neutral, faith: non-existent, outlook: bleak. I slipped out of the uninspiring conversation, crossed the hallway and spilled into my bedroom, emotions, thoughts, dreams and all. I YouTubed the first song that came to mind…

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